What you should know about Xbox code generators?

It is obvious for game lovers who play online console gameplay but do not have enough money to spend on paid subscriptions. There are only two options: either spend your saving or take another route to get codes from Xbox generator. If you are avid, gamer chances are you might have stumbled upon websites promising to provide Xbox Live Gold codes. Microsoft in general activates the codes for people who purchased for a price. Now websites that wants you to believe that free codes will work on your console is nothing short of a fraud. Just imagine Microsoft has spent on resources to perfect the system for genuine buyers and they take perfect care that nothing can go wrong. Therefore, some independent programs never generate codes as they make you to believe. Xbox generator code which are manipulative simple programs  designed to look genuinely providing unused Xbox Live Gold memberships or account credit for free by generating a redeem code. These programs are unsafe and they hide malicious viruses and Trojans to intrude into your computer system to create havoc. The key loggers associated with these viruses will steal valuable information such as your online banking details or credit card numbers as you type them. The demand for Xbox code generators has added these generators to gain popularity and attraction for hackers, scammers and unscrupulous marketers.

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What are the legit ways to get free codes for Xbox live?

  1. Get a free trial for Xbox live

All you need to do is sign up for a Microsoft account and log in to the subscriptions page. Fill up the details required and complete the sing-up process. After having done you should know that, you can get Xbox live gold membership for only one game tag and be cautious while cancelling your membership for the first month expires.

  1. Activating a trial account

This option exclusively works for those who have already an Xbox live account but never activated their subscription. Click the Trial option and fill in the required fields, as the wizard will guide you through the entire sing-up process. Careful attention is required because once the window of trial period is over Microsoft will automatically renew and charge, therefore deactivate before a day the trail period ends.

  1. Reddit free codes for Xbox live

There are reasons to believe this works, in fact, there are people who have earned free codes for Xbox live in Reddit just by reading the community posts. If luck favors you would win free codes Xbox live from kind generous strangers in Reddit community, Stick around to follow some subreddits related to Xbox live codes.


Microsoft uses very sophisticated system to generate their Xbox live codes. Retail outlet and distributor activate the codes once generated. Your odds are never in your favour when you rely on guessing free codes Xbox live, as the code itself is 25 characters long and with combination. The Xbox generator codes on online does not work so keep away from being scammed.