5 Mistakes of SEO You Should Avoid

SEO is essential to any successful website campaign. So, it ought to be put into place in the right system. SEO itself is very intricate for many reasons, mainly because Googles uses an algorithm, which requires several facts into account when ranking a page, and they’ll change it. Know more about seo mistaks find out here.

There’re virtually so many Search Engine Optimization myths that’s has become very Hard to know what’s 100 percent true, but I will advise you in which Search Engine Optimization mistake you should not make:seo mistakes, find out here


  1. Duplicate Contents

Numerous bloggers I know attempt to targeted the exact same topics with a variety of mainly quite similar keyword. For example, ‘make money in facebook’ and ‘earning money with Facebook’ are somewhat similar, & creating an entirely very different webpage for every keyword won’t add more value to your website.

Just how can you play with keywords which are essentially identically? If you can not, then you’ll probably end up writings the identical contents for both topics, which poses a high risk of search engines penalty.


  1. Title Tags Automated

Title tags is obviously one of the main aspects when it’s come to search engines ranking. Beginner level bloggers typically write an article with a very big title that explains the topics in too much words. First, you need to keeps the title rather brief, (not much than 50 letters) but more gravely, you need to aim your attention at optimizing in the title tag.

For instance, if you are writing a article titled ‘What’s Niche Blogs & How can I Make It?’ your title tags needs to be more targeted toward a key-word, perhaps somethings like ‘What’s A Niche Website?’ with ‘niche blog’ being a potential keyword.


  1. Sacrificing Looks for Contents

When many bloggers rely on contents to grow their website, there are a few who’d becomes obsessed with the design of their sites. Do not get me wrong; if you do not have an appealing plan, some visitors won’t be attracted into your site. But, using too much images or graphics  will overcrowd on your webpage & slow site down.

I see that many websites using Flash & sacrificing webpage speed for motion & sound. Definitely, it’s an attractive settings, Although not a worthy sufficient tradeoff.


  1. Use Free Hosting Websites

Websites services offering free hosting’s like Blogger, TypePad, & others, can provide an excellent platform and a superb value. But, they aren’t adaptable sufficient to able to set up the themes, Plugins, and other extension you for superior search engine optimization results.


  1. Keyword Stuffing

Most likely one of the almost common search engine optimization mistakes is typical stuffing. It is not only just unethical, also will damage your search ranking. If you wish to rank of keyword, make a separate webpage for every keywords and optimize for it. Rather than using duplicate text, concentrate on creating useful page that have your keyword implemented inside them as parts of their contents. Trying to control a search engines such as Google is a significant no-no. Visit this more about this find more information.